Welcome, welcome, welcome to Awfully Aud Designs! I am so delighted you made it to our corner of the web. Let me take a moment to introduce the people that make up AAD and how we came to be.

To begin with, we are a family team who have collectively been in the sewing and embroidery community for decades.

“The Mom”

Marilu is the master machine-runner and one of the majority owners of Awfully Aud Designs. She has been learning the ins and outs of machine embroidery since the late 2000, and learned how to sew from her mother as early as 9. She has dabbled in just about every kind of sewing and embroidery you can imagine, but has since settled into focusing her talents on machine embroidery and quilting (though she can be convinced to make the occasional garment for her grandkids!). When she’s not getting creative in her sewing room, Marilu teaches Nursing at a local community college, and spends time with her husband and their 2 golden retrievers, Maddie and Katy, and 2 cats, Pandora and Millie.

“The Daughter”

Audrey is the design mind behind Awfully Aud Designs (and namesake). She is in charge of creating new designs for Awfully Aud Designs, digitizing logos for clients, and curating the web presence for the company. She began learning to sew from Marilu at around 10, but resisted the pull until her first job in a fabric store right out of high school. Since then, she’s spent 10 years trying every kind of sewing she can get her hands on. After college, she spent 4 years working at a sewing machine dealership and fell in love with the art of digitizing. She did a year and a half long stint as a sewing educator and presenter for the same company, traveling quarterly to present a variety of sewing and embroidery projects to about 500 home sewists. Now she’s finishing up a degree in Graphic Design, and works as a designer for a local sign company when she’s not working on new ideas for Awfully Aud Designs. In her free time, she hangs out with her husband and their 3 furbabies, Ainsley, Momo, and Sadie.

Awfully Aud Designs was originally conceived while Audrey was in college as a name to put to the little bag-making business she did on the side to make spending money. In May of 2015, Marilu attended a workshop on starting your own embroidery business and decided to get into this game. Audrey offered up the name, and the Mother-Daughter business was born!

We welcome you to our work of love and hope we can help you out in some way. Thanks for visiting!

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